Student Organizations

The Honors College has many student organizations and publications to suit your interests.

Honors College Advisory Board

HCAB is the official Honors College student activities organization that plans and implements a number of events each year, including the annual Honors College Ball. Its President represents the study body on the Honors Council. HCAB also offers an annual scholarship awarded each spring.The Freshman Delegates and Dean’s Delegates are appointed in the fall, while all the other members are elected in the spring.

Honors Ambassadors

Honors Ambassadors serve as student liaisons to prospective and incoming Honors College freshman. The Honors Ambassadors consist of student mentors that aid new students in making a successful transition into the Honors College. We inform prospective high school students about the Honors College before they matriculate, consult with them the summer before they start their first semester, and continue to guide them to a successful first year.

The application process begins in mid-March, and any Honors College student in good standing who can commit one year of their time is eligible to apply.

Society of Future Physicians

The UIC Society of Future Physicians is a student organization for pre-medical students to discover what a medical career is all about. The society delivers information regarding the medical school application process and coordinates activities that give insight into the work and lives of physicians.

For more information, visit the Society of Future Physicians Web site.